MSV Racing ’87-’01 CR500 “Faraday” Complete High Power Adjustable Stator

Our game-changing ’87-’01 CR500 Faraday High Power Adjustable Stator is now for sale!

This stator benefits every CR500 engine build from 2 angles:



Our complete plug-and-play high power CR500 adjustable stator option. Everything you need to swap out your old stator for the MSV Racing Stator.

This game-changing Faraday High Power Adjustable Stator benefits every CR500 engine build from 2 angles –

High Power CR500 Adjustable Stator Benefits:

  • COLOSSAL SPARK ENERGY– This stator is the most power-dense CR500 unit on the market! Our stator offers over twice the spark energy of OEM stator at the plug. We even recommend you do a before and after spark check to see what a difference our stator makes. This high-power density provides superior spark at the highest of combustion pressures.  It also promotes easier starting and crisper running. This allows you to lug the engine lower in the RPM range and still fire the plug, preventing stalling. The easier starting is especially helpful when you are tired or get stuck on a sidehill.
  • STATIC TIMING– Our Faraday High Power CR500 Adjustable Stator offers the ability to accurately adjust static timing from -7º thru+7º totaling 15º of ignition timing adjustability. This wide range of accurate timing adjustability allows you to fine-tune your ignition timing specifically to your engine build, riding style, and fuel choice. Adjust the stator plate for where you want your engine to build power. It’s your choice: low/mid, mid/top, or top end/over rev- RPM ranges!

If you run a flywheel weight and switch over to the Faraday High Power Adjustable Stator, we highly recommend you try our stator without the flywheel weight and adjust the timing to suit your riding style. After doing this, most have found they no longer need the flywheel weight.

Our stator suits all riders from MX, off-road/tight single track, to high rpm Outlaw Kart/ice racing and hill climb whether you are running a bone stock, mild build, 4mil stroked or 625cc Liger hybrid.

With MSV Racing’s CR Faraday High Power CR500 Adjustable Stator offering the strongest spark and widest range of power band tunability of ANY single CR500 part you can buy, this is another must-have part for any OEM up to max effort CR500 engine build.

Safe to use with OEM and Vortex 10x CDI’s.

Interested in learning why we called this marvel the “Faraday”? Click here for the answer.

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37 reviews for MSV Racing ’87-’01 CR500 “Faraday” Complete High Power Adjustable Stator

  1. Jim Osters

    good looking piece..i cant solder it so I traded up for it..not on I cant say how it works..but Jason was a pleasure to deal with.

  2. Alan (store manager)

    Hi, been out and tested the bike. Firstly WITH the Faraday Stator set at 0*, the bike started very easily and had a tick over what we could never get. Next session we went to +5*, but that was too much. Found the sweet spot for us at +1.5*. All in, extremely pleased with this part, thank you!

  3. Mark (store manager)

    I’m running the Faraday High Power Stator on -4* which is between the stock setting. I ride woods to open terrain and even a bit on tarmac. Starting, and in particular hot starting is definitely easier with the Faraday and important when conditions are not ideal. The motor is happy to lug at low speeds plus pulls hard and clean. I have also fitted the MSV stainless steel exhaust manifold and am impressed on how it reduced vibration of the front pipe.

  4. Joshua Miller (verified owner)

    Starts better and runs awesome

  5. Jussi (store manager)

    I bought MSV Racing Powersports complete “Faraday” stator because my stock stator was bad and I knew I’d also need lots of adjustability for my supermoto race bike. The stator looks very good in quality and I’m pretty sure it made the bike a bit easier to start and it can be run at lower rpm without stalling as they promised.

    At first, I set the setting to -6*. The bike is really powerful and revs high. I think this setting would be good for motocross. I rode a few hours with that setting on a karting track and decided I need more bottom end power instead. I set it to +3* and I got what I wanted. I may possibly have sacrificed a little bit of peak hp with that setting, but I haven’t dyno’d it. Way better for supermoto now and I’m doing better lap times now.

  6. John R. (store manager)

    Thanks to Jason at MSV Racing for the beautiful adjustable Faraday Stator. Stock was at -3* degrees and I went with Jason’s recommendation of -6* and oh my… this beast ran great before and now it’s even better. More mid range and little more on top. It idles even better as if that was possible. Throttle response is quicker.

  7. Jason Mallin (store manager)

    Just bolted mine on my bike today…….what a difference!! Cured my low rpm stalling and let’s me fine tune my power delivery. Stator set to 0*, Good bottom, but not overwhelming. Good power everywhere. Worth every penny!

  8. jonathon cooke (verified owner)

    quality bit of kit

  9. Scott Mckey (verified owner)

    Super easy to install

    Image #1 from Scott Mckey
  10. Kenneth Lindsay (verified owner)

    I am a toolmaker, and I must say the stator is beautifully made, looking forward to fitting it and then riding it. Thank you

  11. Shawn Kautz (verified owner)

    Made my 88 cr500 run is a true game changer

    Image #1 from Shawn Kautz
  12. Kurt (verified owner)

    Runs cleaner at low end, easier to adjust and record where you are at and how it runs. Definitely worth it.

    Image #1 from Kurt
  13. Wes M. (verified owner)

    Can’t wait to let er sing….

    Image #1 from Wes M.
  14. Wesley Mccauley (verified owner)

    Looks sweet and can’t wait to use it…. it’s almost race time baby….

  15. Walter Zawalich (verified owner)

    pure art , extremely high quality

    Image #1 from Walter Zawalich
  16. PAUL CASELLA (verified owner)

    Product works very well

  17. Jake S. (verified owner)

    Haven’t installed yet but the product looks excellent and the workmanship is great.

  18. Terry (verified owner)

    Don’t know yet. Still can’t find a rotor. Too bad this is not a complete system.

  19. George Lance (verified owner)

    Didn’t get a chance to try it out just got a knee replacement.

  20. Paige Caviness (verified owner)

    One of the best improvement I’ve made to both my 97 and 98 CR 500s. Thank you

  21. JT Noble (store manager)

    I got one, It improved everything! Buy one and be happy! Braaaappppp!

  22. Wes Mccauley (store manager)

    Love my Faraday stator the tuning options are key to power deliver. I couldn’t believe the difference! Again, your the man Jason and thanks again.

  23. James Boswell (verified owner)

    This thing is just bad ass! 15° of adjustment? Hell yes please!!!

  24. Michael (verified owner)

    This aftermarket stator set up is the key to Dominate the competition gives bike so much more hit and very tunable on the fly to fit your application riding needs.

  25. John P (store manager)

    I got that Faraday stator put in and setup in my kart, good lord does that thing make a difference. I could feel when that baby would light up and just rip!! Thank you for the great products!! Ill be sending you more of my money in the near future!

  26. Pierre (verified owner)

    I like It very much it’s a total different bike now so much faster

    Image #1 from Pierre
  27. William Sawyer (verified owner)

    Amazing quality

  28. phyloe33 (store manager)

    Top notch product. Owner took a phone call & answered a text msg. HIGHLY recommend!

  29. Timothy Novak (verified owner)

    Awesome product!

  30. Steven Crowell (verified owner)

    A top of the line product and will be ordering another for my next restoration

  31. Anthony Pope

    This setup was a game changer for my race motor on my outlaw kart. At a factory timing setting, it made my motor way more responsive with all the additional spark, I was very impressed with the quality of the parts and how easy it was to install with the plug and play wiring. My motor was set to -5* timing and I advanced it to -2* to improve my bottom end power. It accomplished that and then some. Now I am able to run a smaller sprocket to gain more top speed but still be able to pull the gear off the corner without using my clutch to keep it in the powerband. Needless to say, best money I have spent for making power where I need it to be. Also, the feedback from Jason was top notch and very glad to be able to work with a guy and know he will answer my calls, or call me back and give me any kind of assistance I may need.

  32. Adam Rhodd (verified owner)

    Fit perfect on my CR500R.

    Image #1 from Adam Rhodd
    Image #2 from Adam Rhodd
  33. Kevin Little (verified owner)

    This is the best money I have spent on my bike to date! This made my bike build complete!

  34. Mike M. (verified owner)

    Can’t wait try it waiting on my frame

    Image #1 from Mike M.
  35. Eddie Meyer (verified owner)

    So unbelievably happy with the quality and performance adjustability of your stator! Your due diligence of your time put in with your R&D payed off. Good job Jason, your passion shows💪

  36. Richard Pio (verified owner)

    Fit perfectly

  37. Kurt Pieper (verified owner)

    Perfect fit and a Great upgrade.

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