MSV Racing ’89/’90-’04 KX500 “Faraday” Adjustable Stator Plate ONLY

NOTE** This stator plate is for the large flywheel KX500 Stator. ‘89/’90 was the changeover so verify you have the large flywheel stator before ordering.


Our plate allows you to simply swap over your existing set-up and benefit from the wide -6* thru +6* of static timing adjustability. This timing adjustment provides you the ability to set your CDI’s timing curve to where it offers the most benefits for your engine build, riding style and fuel choice.

Retarding the timing from your original OEM setting will REDUCE the low/midrange hit, but ADD top-end and over-rev.

Advancing the timing from your OEM setting will ENHANCE the low/midrange hit, but flatten out the top end/over rev.

Double check your flywheel number on the front of it:
Flywheel number F4T102 FITS 89/90-91
Flywheel number F4T107 FITS 92-04

“Faraday” Billet Stator Plate comes with:

  • Billet aluminum stator plate
  • One time use Blue 242 Loctite for source coil/pick-up coil/clip mounting fasteners
  • Zip-Tie

Additional information

Weight .55 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 6 in


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1 review for MSV Racing ’89/’90-’04 KX500 “Faraday” Adjustable Stator Plate ONLY

  1. Johnny Johnson (store manager)

    Already have the impeller and rad cap which made a big difference. Plate is a nice part adjusting my KX500 ignition timing helped me get the most horsepower from my engine I will be ordering Mondo coil next

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