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Join us on our adventures and check out some of our manufacturing and testing processes.

CR500 Dyno Testing

CR500 Dyno Testing MSV Racing parts at M-Tech Motorcycles


It has been quite awhile since we have posted. A LOT of trick parts have been built and sold at msvracingpowersports.com Here is a CAM video of out newest part. MSV Racing ’89-’01 CR500 billet “OptiFlo” High Flow 7* Coolant Elbow.

The 2017 Alta Redshift MX, 2008 Husaberg fe650, 1989 ATK 406

On Saturday my buddy Billy “Super Fast” Nutter got his hands on a 2017 Alta Redshift MX demo bike from our local dealer. Specs of the 2017 we rode and the latest and greatest 2018 version 2017 Alta Redshift MX competes with 250F. Specs- 42hp, 120lb-ft tq, 265lb, 8hr charge time and $10,495USD. 2018 Alta […]

JM Loop with msvracingpowersports.com

Anti Super Bowl seat time last Sunday on the Berg 650. I did the JM loop out of Bunny Meadows OHV riding area. Vid is of the ditch trail. I think my handle bars widened since last time I was through there lol msvracingpowersports.com

Crash and Soak with msvracingpowersports.com

Quick vid following my friend Austin Long where first he crashes and then soaks me! msvracingpowersports.com

New Year’s day ride 1-1-18 with msvracingpowersports.com

I had a great 24.8mi New Year’s Day ride with Tobias Tenderich and Austin Long out at Bunny Meadows OHV here in Southern Oregon. This first video is from the top of Test Trail to the little town of Ruch Oregon overlook. msvracingpowersports.com

Southern Oregon Ride with msvracingpowersports.com

I was finally able to get out for my first real ride of the year here in Southern Oregon. Had a great time with Billy Nutter, Tobias Tenderich and his friend. Billy is on a 2001 CR250 Woods prepped, I am on 08 Husaberg fe650, Tobias is riding his 2016 KTM 450SXF and his friend […]

505 at Horsefalls Oregon Coast with msvracingpowersports.com

08 KTM 505 xc-f at Horsfall’s Oregon coast dunes. Tight trails, high speed, a jump and a 360 panorama view. Bike rips along nicely and sounds great! msvracingpowersports.com

CR500 using msvracingpowersports.com Exhaust Manifold on the dyno at BRC Racing

Riley Will of BRC Racing, dyno testing his mild CR500 engine with MSV Racing Exhaust Manifold on the BRC engine dyno. +4.0 HP at 6300 RPM pre-peak over OEM manifold and +1.4 FT.LB.TQ at peak over OEM manifold. That is huge for just an exhaust manifold swap! msvracingpowersports.com

08 Husaberg fe650 at Winchestrer Bay with msvracingpowersports.com lightened FE flywheel

Last weekend I was at Horse Falls and Winchester Bay sand dunes on the Oregon coast for a test of the 08 fe650 Husaberg’s MSV Racing lightened flywheel. Here is vid of the Berg at Winchester Bay, me discovering “Banshee hill” and climbing it once, plus a nice 80+mph 6th gear run. Love the lightened […]

08 505 XC-F Suspension Test and Tune with msvracingpowersports.com

I was able to get out for some 08 KTM 505 XC-F suspension test and tune this morning. Originally on previous post/video I went with getting the springs and sag set for my weight, but running the previous owners clicker settings and I did not like it. This morning I had the clickers set back […]

MSV Racing CR500 exhaust manifolds in the making msvracingpowersports.com

I went to my buddy Daren Gaulden’s shop to take some video of the making of an MSV Racing CR500 Exhaust Manifold. The video starts out with a quick tour of the shop (no sound?), the shop pup, Watson, and the making of a manifold starting from an aluminum puck cut from a 12′ bar […]

08 KTM 505 XC-F Off-Road with msvracingpowersports.com

Took the 505 out for a “get to know me rip” this morning. It is a neat bike that can sing high and shug down low when needed. The DOHC 505 is not your typical SOHC 500 class dirt bike. It was built to compete in the old FIM 499cc MX1 class so it is […]

08 Husaberg fe650 climbing “Big Jones” with msvracingpowersports.com

Southern Oregon has had a nice bit of rain these last 5 days. This made for some great dirt bike riding! We did 35 miles this trip. This vid is of a friend and I heading to and climbing “Big Jones” a hill climb neither of us has ever made on the first attempt. Sadly […]

The big 08 Husaberg fe650 at it again with msvracingpowersports.com

Always having fun railing around off-road on Big Berg. A little music going with one. msvracingpowersports.com

Having serious fun on the 08 Husaberg fe650 with msvracingpowersports.com

I decided I better not get crazy since I was by myself so I went for a 17mi. trail, dual sport, and sightseeing ride. This is the first of two vids. This one is on my way to Mt. Isabelle for some sight seeing. msvracingpowersports.com

08 Husaberg fe650 on part of “Fugawe trail” with msvracingpowersports.com

With a freshly Knobby Knifed rear tire I headed out on a stellar 22 mi dirt bike ride. This particular trail called “Fugawe” that gets tighter and tighter as you go. Finally down to deer trail width with steep uphill and downhill sides. You may notice that I pop out at the base of Mt. […]

Having fun on “Ole Reliable” 82 CR480 with msvracingpowersports.com

After railing the Husaberg fe650 for 8 previous weekends, for my 9th weekend in a row I decided to take “Ole Reliable,” 1982 CR480 out for a rip! (Boy has technology changed, brakes, suspension (even with full Race Tech), and ergos!) First I forgot she was a 4-spd which is apparent in the beginning of […]

Railing up to the top of Mt. Isabelle on my 08 Husaberg fe650 with msvracingpowersports.com

Started a little before the base road up 4494′ Mt. Isabelle. -You can hear the 650 wind up pretty good. -Neat 360* panorama view of many snowy peaks (Stein Butte, Gray Back Mts., Collings Mts., Red Buttes, Baldy peak, and Mt. Mclaughlin). msvracingpowersports.com

08 Husaberg fe650 and 01 CR250 with msvracingpowersports.com

Me on my 08 Husaberg fe650 and my buddy Billy following me on his 01 CR250 msvracingpowersports.com