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The 2017 Alta Redshift MX, 2008 Husaberg fe650, 1989 ATK 406

Alta Redshift MX

April 3, 2018

On Saturday my buddy Billy “Super Fast” Nutter got his hands on a 2017 Alta Redshift MX demo bike from our local dealer.

Specs of the 2017 we rode and the latest and greatest 2018 version

  • 2017 Alta Redshift MX competes with 250F. Specs- 42hp, 120lb-ft tq, 265lb, 8hr charge time and $10,495USD.
  • 2018 Alta Redshift MXR competes with 350F. Specs- 50hp, 147lb-ft tq, 259lb, 1.5hr charge time and $11,995USD

Billy decided to take it out for a rip on our normal trails. I thought this was a perfect opportunity to give his and MSV Racing’s point of view on the neat electric dirt bike in a very familiar off-road setting. I spent an hour+ editing a neat video of our ride and my GoPro Studio ended up having fits (most likely my slow laptop issue) so I gave up and made this quick video.

Accompanying the Alta Redshift MX: ’89 ATK 406, the ’08 Husaberg fe650.

We had a blast! Billy on the Redshift, Jacob “once a year rider” Ensign on his ’89 ATK 406, and me on the ’08 Husaberg fe650.

None of us had ridden this bike in the dirt so our thoughts are strictly as new Redshift eDirt Bike riders. However, Jacob and I are familiar with eStreet and eOff-Road bikes from our time at Brammo.

Alta Redshift MX Review

The Redshift has a modern dirt bike chassis that rivals the best out there and let me just say this bike is quick! Billy read it will out-accelerate a new KTM 690 0 to 50 mph and is compared to a 250F otherwise.

It has 4 power settings from mild to wild. Billy left it on 3 which he felt was the best comparison to his woods prepped ’01 CR250 in performance and attempted range.

With Billy riding the Redshift like he stole it plus one long hill climb and Jacob and I getting 4 miles on the bike at setting 4, we were only able to get about 22 miles out of a charge. We were told about 26 is typical.

My thoughts are these are cheater bikes. Only one speed so no need to shift, no clutch so no need to fear stalling, and the instant torque puts single cylinder gas bikes to shame. Even though they weigh more than a modern racing I.C.E off-road bike the C.O.G is placed just right so it turns quick and has great front to rear balance. I only noticed the weight when we had to pick it up, uphill from Billys spin off the trail.

If the technology gets to where the battery packs are more energy dense (run longer on a charge while staying the same size and weight or smaller) and/or very quick charging (1.5hr not bad, for the 2018) can be attained out in the woods, these will be a formidable weapon to choose for urban or rural off-road dirt bike thrills.

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