Who Was Faraday and Why Do We Care?

MSV Racing Powersports honors Michael Faraday’s profound work in the electromagnetic field by giving our line of MSV Racing High Power Adjustable Stator his namesake. Who Was Michael Faraday? Michael Faraday (1791-1865) was born in England. Michael Faraday was a genius who could be placed into the same category as Beethoven, Michelangelo, and Galileo. British-New […]

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MSV Racing’s Take on Waterless Coolant

We view waterless coolant as we see Castor 2-stroke oil. Both offer the best performance at the extremes of engine use. A place your engine should never get to. If we were going to be running Baja, racing Erzberg Rodeo, taking our snow bike into the backcountry, or adventuring way into the outback where no […]

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MSV Racing Source Coil vs Lighting Coil Basics

I have been asked numerous times about using a cheaper lighting coil instead of a source coil for a stator’s ignition system. They may look similar, but there is a major difference. That major difference is the wire size and number of wire turns/wraps. A lighting coil has a bigger wire with fewer turns, while […]

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Water Pump Aeration vs Cavitation Basics

You have most likely heard of water pump aeration and cavitation and have some idea what each is. When people see air bubbles in their coolant lines or radiator, they often think it’s caused by pump cavitation, but in fact, the air bubbles are caused by harmless aeration. If the water pump was cavitating you […]

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VP Racing Fuel’s: The Four Key Fuel Properties

Too often, racers focus only on octane when evaluating the quality of a fuel. Octane is certainly important, but it’s just one of several key fuel properties that should be considered when evaluating and selecting a fuel. It’s entirely possible to generate more horsepower with a lower octane fuel if it’s designed properly with respect […]

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One Niche at a Time

One Niche at a Time—Here’s one answer to the “anti-trend” segmentation of the motorcycle market, a 1991 Honda CR500R resto-mod by Jason Meyer. If you look at the photos, you see a spotless, better than new, off road bike built just the way the owner likes it. It’s almost 20 years old and he’s got […]

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‘Better than new’ Honda CR500R

This restored 1991 Honda CR500R has been repaired and customized to “better than new” condition. The 20-year-old dirt bike has had a full engine rebuild and redesign – complete with re-bored cylinders and smoothed cylinder heads – as well as custom clocks, ignition coils, steering stem, sprockets, suspension, brakes… in fact it’s hard to find […]

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Extreme Restoration on a 1991 Honda CR 500

We’ve seen plenty of bikes brought back from the scrap heap over the years, but the CR 500 owned by Jason Meyer is a quantum leap beyond that. Rather than just take a popular 20-year-old bike and breathe life back into it, Jason decided to pull out all the stops and make his bike a […]

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The Ups and Downs

This paper provides a description of the essential elements involved in designing an aluminum 2-stroke connecting rod. We begin by describing what a connecting rod is, the historical issues associated with designing a 2-stroke connecting rod and why this rod is of relevance. The reader is introduced to the main components of designing a connecting […]

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