MSV Racing ’87-’01 CR500 “Faraday” High Power Adjustable Stator

Our game changing ’87-’01 CR500 Faraday High Power Adjustable Stator is now for sale!

This stator benefits every CR500 engine build from 2 angles:



Our stator benefits EVERY CR500 engine build from 2 angles:

  • SPARK ENERGY– This stator is the most power dense CR500 unit on the market with over twice the spark energy of OEM stator at the plug. This high power density provides superior spark at the highest of combustion pressures, promotes easier starting and crisper running as well as allows you to lug the engine lower in the RPM range and still fire the plug, preventing stalling.
  • STATIC TIMING– Faraday offers the ability to accurately adjust static timing from -7* thru+7*. This wide range allows you to fine tune your ignition timing specifically to your engine build, riding style and fuel choice. Adjust the stator plate for where you want your engine builds power, from low/mid, mid/top, or top end/over rev- RPM ranges.

With MSV Racing’s CR500 Faraday stator offering the strongest spark and widest range of power band tunability of ANY single CR500 part you can buy, this is another must have part for any OEM up to max effort CR500 engine build!

Safe to use with OEM and Vortex 10x CDI’s

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 4 in


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2 reviews for MSV Racing ’87-’01 CR500 “Faraday” High Power Adjustable Stator

  1. Justin

    Cold starting is much improved, no longer requires the typical CR500 cold starting routine. Hot starting is a lot more consistent… usually starts in 1 kick. In comparison, I’d say that it’s now no harder to start than my 99 KX250, it just takes a little heavier foot. As far as timing, I’ve tried the -3* (stock) and -6* settings. The -6* is a definite improvement over stock for sand riding, with better top end and higher over-rev. Overall, I’m very pleased with my purchase and will eventually buy another one for my 87 500.

  2. Jake (store manager)

    This new stator has much improved the first initial startup of my Outlaw 500 Kart. I am very happy with the extra power it gives on bottom end and carries throughout the mid and the top end. It also helps the kart stay running while idling in neutral. The motor sounds crisper and meaner, with this stator. The all-around performance of it is top notch, and I highly recommend it. It is one of the biggest benefits to the CR 500 motor that money can buy!
    Using it at -3* right now, but still want to go more because I can’t keep front end down.”

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