MSV Racing ’87-’01 CR500 “Power Package” w/COMPLETE “Faraday” High Power Adjustable Stator

Designed To Enhance ANY Build


Our Honda CR500 Adjustable Stator Power Package was Designed To Enhance ANY Build

When MSV Racing started designing high-performance parts the ultimate goal was to provide a “Power Package” that boosted the horsepower, torque, and ride-ability of any stock to wild ’85-’01 CR500 engine set-up. (*Note: Stator is direct fit for ’87-’01, but can be retrofitted to use on earlier models.)

This was accomplished by optimizing the parts and fuel you chose for your build, adding efficiency to the OEM systems, and allowing wide adjustability to fine-tune your set-up.

Extensive dyno testing and customer reviews prove we have accomplished the goal of pushing your builds power potential to the next level!

The Honda CR500 Adjustable Stator Power Package Contains:

  • MSV Racing Billet Exhaust Manifolds- These manifolds have been dyno proven to provide up to 3.9hp and 1.4lbft-tq depending on your build specs. They also provide a positive, leak free seal at the highest of combustion pressures. These manifolds are made of bullet proof billet 304 stainless steel.
  • MSV Racing OptiFlo “phi” Billet Impeller- The CR “phi” impeller has been proven to dominate the competition by providing +1.5 gpm avg. more coolant flow across the entire RPM range, cool up to 20*f better, and FREE UP dyno proven power that your engine is already making. Dyno testing showed the impeller FREED up to 2.12hp and 1.9lbft-tq over a 1750 rpm range vs the competition!
  • MSV Racing “Faraday” Complete High Power Adjustable Billet Stator- Provides extreme spark energy and the ability to adjust static timing from -7* thru+7* . This allows you to fine-tune your ignition timing specifically to your engine build, riding style and fuel choice. Adjust this stator plate for where you want your engine builds power from, low/mid, mid/top, or top end/over rev RPM. Our stator is the most power-dense CR500 unit on the market. This high power density provides superior spark energy at the highest combustion pressures as well as allows you to lug the engine lower in the RPM range and still fire the plug, preventing stalling.  The complete stator comes with new plate, source coils, pick-up coil, and stator harness all pre-wired for a almost plug and play set-up.
  •   Extensively tested with OEM CR500 and CR500 Vortex 10x CDI’s (*Note: Stator is direct fit for ’87-’01, but can be retrofitted to use on earlier models.)
  • MSV Racing OptiFlo 1.8 Radiator Cap- We added our 1.8 bar (26 PSI) cap to the package because it has proven to offer the best max system pressure to safety ratio. This higher pressure reduces the chance of water pump cavitation, helps eliminate vapor barrier and hot spots/steam pockets in your cylinder head and cylinders exhaust port when you need it most! The cap also works as a high performance pressure valve ensuring maximum cooling from your system, while also acting as a safety valve warning you of possible engine danger.

Additional information

Weight 1.558 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 × 6 × 3.5 in



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Exhaust Manifold

304 SS "Horsepower" manifold, 304 SS "Torque" manifold

7 reviews for MSV Racing ’87-’01 CR500 “Power Package” w/COMPLETE “Faraday” High Power Adjustable Stator

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    great quality

  2. Thomas (store manager)

    Ok, so Faraday Stator, stainless exhaust flange, phi Impeller and the mods I’ve done to this motor have made this the fastest dirtbike I’ve ever ridden personally. It’s so much fun to ride in the sand and has endless top end power. It’s set at -5* and haven’t touched it! It’s easy to start and screams thank you

  3. Kyle Chapman (verified owner)

    Everything looks super great. Can’t wait to get this motor built. 👍👍

  4. Berna La (verified owner)

    This kit is awesome glad you guys produce such a kit

  5. Biddy Carmichael (verified owner)

    Unreal.big improvement

  6. moonshinescott (store manager)

    Came today earlier than l anticipated. Thanks!

  7. Jon Rubin (verified owner)

    Haven’t put them on yet cant wait though

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