NGK 6747 BR8EIX Spark Plugs


We have tested a lot of spark plugs for the CR500, CR250 and KX500.

When you want the best NGK high-tech spark plug for your CR or KX we have found the NGK BR8EIX to be the top choice.

This plug is the perfect complement to your MSV Racing “Faraday” Stator and/or MSV “Mondo” Ignition Coil

“NGK IX Iridium Series plugs were designed specifically for the performance enthusiast. Fine wire center electrode ensures high durability and a consistently stable spark. Iridium alloy has an extremely high melting point, perfect for your high-performance engine.”

  • B= 14mm
  • R= Resistor Type 5K ohm
  • 8= Heat Rating
  • E= 19mm – 3/4” Thread
  • I= Iridium Platinum
  • X= Booster Gap
  • Torque spec aluminum= 18-21.6 lb-ft

Additional information

Weight 0.134375 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 3.5 in

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4 reviews for NGK 6747 BR8EIX Spark Plugs

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    low prices

  2. Nick P. (verified owner)

    The best spark plug for my bike!

  3. Adam Rhodd (verified owner)

    Perfect fit.

  4. Edward Meyer (verified owner)

    Quality plugs!

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