’85-’01 CR500 “phi” HV Impeller and gasket set combo.

Replaces OEM Part #’s 19215-KA5-690 and 19229-MAC-680


The OptiFlosm CR500 “phi” HV Impeller, another must have item for your Honda CR500 Engine!

There are only 3 ways to add extra cooling to your CR500:

  1. Bigger frontal radiator area. Not going to happen in the confines of the CR500 radiator shrouds and thicker radiators only slightly delay the inevitable
  2. Cooler air going through the radiator. Strictly subject to the air temperature your riding in.
  3. More Coolant Flow. This is where MSV Racing’s “phi” High Volume Impeller works its magic!

Rigorous flow bench testing and real-world MX race testing validates that the MSV Racing’s “phi” impeller, machined from 7075 T6-511 Aluminum for durability and stress resistance, dramatically improves your CR500’s H2O cooling and pumping performance over OEM, Frank’s MX, Mino and AS3 impellers, totally dominating the competition!

Honda CR500 “phi” HV Impeller from MSV Racing Power Sports

The “phi” impeller vanes are computer designed using “Golden Ratio” proportions based on the CR500’s H2O pump housing. This, as well as very close tolerances between impeller and housing, offers a 1.5 avg. GPM more coolant flow along the entire rpm curve. The increase in flow reduces the cycle time between the engine and the radiators providing more adequate heat removal. The overall benefit is lowering the engine temperature by up to 20*F over the competition’s impellers.

Also, the high efficiency of the “phi” Impeller FREES horsepower your engine is already making. Dyno testing showed up to 2.12hp FREED over a 1750 RPM range vs the competitors!

Remember, horsepower/RPM = heat. Preventing your engine from heat soak is the KEY to building and maintaining maximum engine performance. The more efficient the engine’s cooling system, the more heat (horsepower) it can handle.

Whether you’re racing Outlaw Karts, GNCC, Hill Climb, Sand Drags, Super Moto, or MX. Railing tight single track, sand dunes or just love the latest enhancement for your CR500. Trust MSV Racing’s “phi” Impeller to help put you at the head of the pack!

(Look at the pics and checkout the data. No other CR500 parts company will show you the proof they are the best. It’s the MSV Racing way!)

(Mino, Frank’s MX and AS3 are the SAME over-sized impeller with spacer)

NOTE* To ensure ease of installation each impeller comes with H2O pump cover gasket set (2 gaskets) for a seamless install.

Additional information

Weight .050 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in



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Natural Aluminum


5054 T651 Aluminum

38 reviews for ’85-’01 CR500 “phi” HV Impeller and gasket set combo.

  1. Chad Waletzko

    Highly recommend for your cr500 build it makes your bike run cooler if run thr sand dunes or trail ride this what you need i ride alot of dunes good product to help keep my bike cool

  2. Billy Brown

    Fantastic fit and finish. Easy install. This guy does great work to improve the sore spots on our beloved big bores.

  3. Nick Swan (verified owner)

    A must have upgrade for anyone planning to race their CR500. My 1985 CR500 had the common water pump corrosion issue so I used to opportunity to upgrade the impeller since the original impeller was unusable. Noticed cooler temps and also felt like the motor gain some extra power.

  4. paul hoffman (verified owner)

    This impeller will make trail riding my CR500r so much nicer w/o having to be at Plus size RPM’s for cooling. It is not only well engineered but has been tested on the bench & road to prove it’s significant benefits.

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product noticeable improvement as listed

  6. Paul Edmonds (verified owner)


    Image #1 from Paul Edmonds
  7. George Johnson (verified owner)

    Top quality

  8. Joseph Holzer (verified owner)

    Looks like a good quality and no longer overheating my 500

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    performance upgrade

  10. Justin Burton (verified owner)

    Awesome fit works as described

  11. Jason Kuta (verified owner)

    Very nice well made product. Will purchase more products in the future.

    Image #1 from Jason Kuta
  12. Bill B. (verified owner)

    easy to replace stock one

  13. Tom Iverson (verified owner)

    So glad Jason made this product. It should keep my hillclimb motors nice and cool

    Image #1 from Tom Iverson
  14. Christopher W Heikkila (verified owner)

    Awesome product, love it, noticeable difference in cooling, I’m running 250 radiators on my 500 conversion. This impeller made the difference in cooling while riding it in soft sand, was getting hot, now it’s staying in comfortable heat range.

    Image #1 from Christopher W Heikkila
    Image #2 from Christopher W Heikkila
  15. Hanicque Emmanuel (verified owner)


  16. Kyle G. (verified owner)

    Easy Install!!

  17. Jason S. (verified owner)

    Quality Design * Highly Effective Circulation * 10 Degree Lower Running Temperature

  18. Thomas Canellos (verified owner)

    Design of the new impeller looks much more efficient than the original

  19. Walter Wiggins (verified owner)

    Looks Great works even better, have on in my 01 CR500 this one going in 87 Cr 500

  20. Orion Redmond (verified owner)

    We installed this pump and a new radiator. Dropped 50 degrees.

  21. Christopher Harris (verified owner)

    Haven’t yet installed but holding the impeller I can tell it’s high quality! Super happy with product and can’t wait to cool down my 500!

  22. Frank Homen (verified owner)

    Can’t wait to try it out.

  23. Patrick Dayman (verified owner)

    Part was shipped to my engine builder.

  24. Doug Prang (store manager)

    Got the trifecta of exhaust flange, water pump impeller and case saver. Excellent products and could not be happier. What a class act this company is!

  25. Christopher Menard (verified owner)

    High quality

  26. Chris Harris (verified owner)

    Worth every penny. My 500 AF conversion didn’t like the smaller 250r radiators. Installed this kit and now it doesn’t overflow a drop of coolant (even riding in Mojave). Wasn’t sent the gaskets by accident and owner promptly sent me out the gaskets as soon as I called in. Talk about a great product backed by great customer service! Would highly recommend!

  27. steve killgore (verified owner)


  28. Thomas Gosch (verified owner)

    Easy install, had all required gaskets!

    Image #1 from Thomas Gosch
  29. Jake S. (verified owner)

    Very high quality part and fitment is excellent.

  30. Julio Jose Garcia Garcia (verified owner)

    Great product

  31. PAUL FINNERTY (verified owner)

    High quality product

  32. Ron J. (verified owner)

    Super trick part, shame no one can see it due too water pump cover

    Image #1 from Ron J.
    Image #2 from Ron J.
    Image #3 from Ron J.
  33. Kart Racer (store manager)

    I installed the impeller and GEN II high flow elbow on my outlaw kart. Jason said most kart racers are seeing 10*f cooler with just the impeller and not sure what additional cooling the high flow elbow will provide. At the track I saw 20*f cooler running! We will now start leaning the jetting to pick up even more power.

  34. Bruce Bonnefis (verified owner)

    Very nice

  35. Donald Albring (verified owner)

    Way better than stock

  36. Joshua B. (verified owner)

    Excellent replacement piece for my 97 CR500.

  37. Josh Martinson (verified owner)

    Nice part. Fits perfectly

  38. David B. (verified owner)

    still have single track overheating problems with Rekluse clutch. I’ve adjusted for minimal slipping and try to ride at higher rpm.

    • Jason Meyer (store manager)

      Did the MSV Racing impeller help with the overheating vs OEM impeller?

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