Here at MSV Racing we are continuously focused on either making or supplying our customers with the parts they want and need. This comes in many forms, from very trick MSV Racing aftermarket parts, MSV Racing improved OEM Honda parts, supplying genuine Honda OEM parts, or offering MSV Racing recommended aftermarket parts.

To make MSV Racing a much better one-stop-shop we have decided to offer the OEM Honda H2O pump shaft and gear, oil and H2O seals, plus the OEM Honda cover bearing for the ’85- ‘01 Honda CR500. These you can purchase individually or as a complete kit.

Our testing shows the OEM Honda Water Pump Shaft and Gear is the absolute best on the market! The cheap aftermarket water pump shafts use a far softer material (10.5 HRC) and are not precision ground. OEM Honda is far harder (55 HRC) and has a precision ground shaft for durability and tighter tolerances. This softer inferior aftermarket shaft material will wear far quicker than the OEM Honda shaft and the money and time you initially saved with this cheaper aftermarket CR500 water pump shaft and gear will be worthless when you have to replace the inferior aftermarket shaft and the seals a second time.

If you are needing to repair your ’85 thru ’01 CR500’s water pump or are installing an MSV Racing “phi” High Volume Impeller, take a close look at whether your water pump shaft is usable. If there is any question, we highly recommend you replace the shaft, oil and H2O seals, and outer case bearing with OEM Honda water pump parts. You will then have peace of mind that you will have many years of trouble-free CR500 cooling.

OEM Honda parts are a great addition to the MSV Racing “phi” High Volume Impeller kit.

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