304 Stainless Steel ’85-’01 CR500 “TORQUE” Exhaust Manifold

Replaces OEM Part #’s 18352-KA5-691, 18291-ML3-791 and 18359-KA5-690


-MSV Racing ’85-’01 CR500 “TORQUE” Exhaust Manifold in 304SS-

We decided to try out the idea of adding a “D” shape to our very popular standard MSV Racing billet, O-Ringed exhaust manifold design. We MX track and dyno tested 2 prototype shapes to find which worked best.

Essentially, we were trying to flatten the torque curve and put more area underneath it because we know that the spread of torque is much more important to lap times than peak power alone.

We enlisted the help of ex-pro motocross racer Mike Stahl of TDS MX Racing to evaluate the prototype manifolds at the MX track first and then on the dyno to verify Mike’s positive seat of the pants feedback.

This new manifold has added torque and horsepower above what our standard manifold makes.

Starting at 3050 RPM thru 5100 RPM, our TQ manifold made more torque and horsepower over our standard MSV Racing Exhaust Manifold. This is power you can feel in the seat of your pants. 

The greater TQ and pre-peak HP numbers provide faster acceleration, less shifting and the ability to ride in a higher gear aiding traction.

This new exhaust manifold now adds another option for the ’85-’01 CR500 owner/engine builder.



Dyno’d at M-Tech Motorcycles by Matt Worbes in Bend OR, 68* at 3600’

  • ’91 CR500
  • Fresh .5mm Overbore w/ Wiseco Piston
  • OEM Porting and Cylinder Head Configuration
  • OEM PJ Carb Jetted for Conditions
  • New VF3 Reed Cage
  • New FMF Fatty
  • New FMF Powercore 2
  • OEM Stator at -5* with OEM Flywheel
  • New MSV Racing Standard Exhaust Manifold
  • Uni Air Filter
  • Fresh WPS Non-Ringed Chain and 14/49 Sprockets
  • OEM Ignition Coil and Cap with BR8EIX Spark Plug
  • HP Honda Gear Oil
  • 89 (R+M)/2 non-Ethanol with 40:1 Redline Racing Oil
  • Honda Coolant

The Only Change Was Testing the MSV Racing Prototype Torque Exhaust Manifolds.

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Weight 0.8 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 3 in



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9 reviews for 304 Stainless Steel ’85-’01 CR500 “TORQUE” Exhaust Manifold

  1. T.C (store manager)

    Should’ve put these on all 2 strokes, no more leaks lol! I put one on my cr5 and made a big difference.

  2. Dennis Millus (verified owner)

    Top notch quality.

  3. Doug Benson (verified owner)

    The Torque Manifold broadens the torque curve and smooths out the entire power band. Definitely more power thru the mid. I installed this on stock bore with Boyesen Rad Valve and Lectron carb and it’s a great add-on to the set-up and the benefit of no leaky manifolds any more. Highly Recommended.

    While doing the first top end on my 2000 CR500, I decided to go with the MSV Torque Manifold to go with the Boyesen Rad Valve and Lectron carb setup on the bike. After heat cycles and some break in runs we took it out against my 1999 KX500 in the desert.

    The CR definitely has a broader power band now and definitely is developing more power over that now wider midrange. The CR is definitely head-to-head with the KX in the Mids, but the KX is still a bit more ahead at the very top but very few riders hang out there on a 500 for long. Seems like the design of the manifold is an iteration of a half venturi which creates a low-pressure area and seems to scavenge out the exhaust more efficiently. Three different riders tested it out and all felt a definite advantage in the powerband. Another plus is the piece is beautifully machined and the sealing of both the manifold to cylinder and manifold to pipe is far superior to stock. Any lost gas is lost horsepower. For older bikes that have some issues of wear on the cylinder because of a loose manifold or gasket rubbing around would do good to have this robust O-ring sealing the mating faces. I also run the MSV hi-flow impeller and coolant elbow on the CR and hi-flow impeller on the KX500 and don’t have any issues with the bikes spitting coolant in the Desert any more.

  4. Bruce Bonnefis (verified owner)

    Very good parts ,more power

  5. Douglass B. (verified owner)

    It does what it says. Smoother, wider powerband, and more power.

  6. Donald Albring (verified owner)

    Very nice piece

  7. alan c. (verified owner)

    Item as described excellent quality

  8. dmillus319 (verified owner)

    As a long time follower and customer. I have owned 4 CR500’S. The one thing most people notice with the CR500 in stock form is. It’s scary mid range hit. In stock form it’s uncontrollable. So, most owners try to change that. With Porting, head mods or maybe even carburetor mods. With my CR500 I have had different cylinder and head combinations with different porting. Doing so made them all scary fast and easier to control. To the piont to being almost 4puke like. But, what I come to realize is a CR500 is way more fun to ride knowing it can kill you anytime. When the power comes on hard and fast like it was stick. It will get your adrenaline pumping real quick. I wanted that type of adrenaline feel back.
    Ever part I have bought from MSV it performed just as described. I was skeptical with the Water Pump Impeller until I tested it. Works just as described. The same goes for his Original CR500 Manifold. That was an eye opener for sure. It made my already mid to top end better. Then i wanted the scary low to mid back.
    I bought the Torque Manifold not expecting it to change anything. I couldn’t be more wrong. Jason makes me a believer once again. This Torque manifold is every bit worth the cost. It’s Ike cheating. I can see this simple manifold piss off a lot of after market pipe builders. No pipe changes the power as much. This Torque manifold allows you to ride your CR500 anyway you want. Wide open or lugging your 450 4puke buddy back home after they blow up thier 450 4puke.
    With much regret I still have to buy the Farady stator. But, I will someday Jason.
    Thank you MSVRACING for knowing what us CR500 owners truly want.

  9. Lane Perkins (verified owner)

    Nice quality

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