CR500 Exhaust Manifold O-Rings

Replaces OEM part # 18291-ML3-791


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CR250 Exhaust Manifold O-Rings

Replaces OEM part # 18291-KS7-880 Supersedes: 18291-KS7-000


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89 – ’01 Honda CR500 Billet HIGH FLOW 7* Elbow GEN II

Replaces 12103-ML3-680 JOINT, WATER HOSE, and 91356-GC4-731 O-RING (22.1X3.5)


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’85-’01 CR500 H2O Pump Gasket Set

Replaces OEM Part # 19229-MAC-680


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MSV Racing ’87-’01 CR500 “Faraday” High Power Adjustable Stator PLATE ONLY

MSV Racing is also offering the “Faraday” Billet Stator Plate as a standalone option.

This allows you to simply swap over your existing set-up and benefit from the wide -7* thru +7* of timing adjustability at a greatly reduced cost and still benefit from the ability to accurately adjust your static timing from -7* thru +7* of adjustment. This timing adjustment provides you the ability to set your CDI’s timing curve to where it offers the most benefits for your engine build, riding style and fuel choice.

“Faraday” Billet Stator Plate comes with-

  • Billet aluminum stator plate
  • Install instructions
  • Onetime use Blue 242 Loctite for coil mounting fasteners.


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MSV Racing ’89/’90-’04 KX500 “Faraday” Adjustable Stator Plate ONLY

NOTE** This stator plate is for the large flywheel KX500 Stator. ‘89/’90 was the changeover so verify you have the large flywheel stator before ordering.


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KX500 H2O Pump Gasket

KX500 H2O Pump Gaskets are modified with tighter tolerances to fit your H2O pump covers sealing surface more precisely.

  • .016″ thick
  • Paper Fiber/Buna-N Rubber Blend
  • Years: ’85- ’04
  • Replaces OEM PN: 11009-1962, 11009-1289, 11009-1964



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