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MSV Racing ’04-‘06 RMZ250 High Performance Billet 7075-T6 Aluminum H2O Impeller


MSV Racing offers a must have item for your RMZ250 Engine!

There are only 3 ways to add extra cooling to your RMZ250-

1- Bigger frontal radiator area. Not going to happen in the confines of the RMZ radiator shrouds and thicker radiators only slightly delay the inevitable

2- Cooler air going through the radiator. Strictly subject to the air temperature your riding in.

3- More Coolant Flow. This is where MSV Racing’s “phi” High Volume Impeller works its magic!

The RMZ250 “phi” impeller vanes are computer designed using “Golden Ratio” proportions based on the RMZ’s H2O pump housing.

This as well as closer tolerances between impeller and housing offer +3.0 average GPM more coolant flow. This increase in flow reduces the cycle time between the engine and the radiators allowing more heat removal quicker, lowering head and coolant temperatures up to 18*f when you need it most!

Remember, horsepower = heat. Preventing your engine from heat soak is KEY to building and maintaining maximum engine performance. The more efficient the engine’s cooling system, the more heat (horsepower) it can handle.

Whether you’re racing GNCC, MX. railing tight single track, sand dunes or just love the latest enhancement for your RMZ250, trust MSV Racing’s RMZ “phi” Impeller to help put you at the head of the pack!

The MSV Racing RMZ250 “phi” Impeller comes with a button head impeller fastener.

Additional information

Weight .050 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in


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Natural Aluminum


5054 T651 Aluminum


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