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OEM Honda CR500 Spring Hanger (OEM 90445-ML3-681)

OEM 90445-ML3-681


MSV Racing now offers the OEM Honda CR500 spring hanger that works perfectly with your MSV Racing ’85-’01 CR500 Billet O-Ringed Exhaust Manifold.

This is the OEM lower spring hanger that keys into the lower mounting bolt slot on your MSV Racing CR500 Exhaust Manifold and allows for 2 additional exhaust springs.

If your OEM spring hanger is missing or in bad shape, we HIGHLY recommend buying one of these hangers to make sure you can mount the 4 exhaust springs and get the best expansion chamber to MSV Racing Exhaust Manifold seal possible.

Additional information

Weight .0625 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in



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2 reviews for OEM Honda CR500 Spring Hanger (OEM 90445-ML3-681)

  1. James Boswell (verified owner)

    Glad to be able to find OEM parts for this old 85 still! This will work great for the new manifold!

  2. Rick Murphy (verified owner)

    nice oem parts

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