This mounting procedure will ensure your MSV Racing Liger Exhaust Manifold and expansion chamber self-align and work together. This will prevent damage to the manifold, provide proper sealing of O-rings, and help prevent possible cracking of the expansion chamber due to improper alignment.

  1. Thoroughly clean cylinders, exhaust manifold, gasket surface and expansion chamber flange. Add a BB sized amount of grease, preferably silicone or dielectric grease to the exterior of the 3 O-ringed spigot. Spread this tiny amount of grease evenly over entire exterior of 3 O-ringed spigot. Do not use too much grease or it will leak grease when pipe heats up.
  2. Install the MSV Racing exhaust manifold to the cylinder exhaust port using the correct sized exhaust manifold fasteners. Hand tighten the 3 fasteners then finish tightening them to 7 ft lbs of tq.
  3. Loosen the rear frame of the expansion chamber mounting bracket bolt allowing it to pivot. now, install the expansion chamber through frame and over MSV Racing Liger Exhaust Manifold.
  4. Install the rear expansion chamber mount to the frame bracket bolt loosely. Now install the 4 exhaust springs and finally, tighten the rear expansion chamber to frame bracket bolt and bracket to the frame bolt to spec.This procedure self-aligns pipe correctly.
  5. Loosen the lower frame to expansion chamber bracket bolt allowing the bracket to pivot. Look at lower pipe mount bracket and lower expansion chamber mount. If there is a gap between expansion chamber’s bracket and the frame bracket even after pivoting frame bracket to align DO NOT FORCE PIPE TO LINE UP. This will put undo strain on MSV Racing Liger Exhaust Manifold and expansion chamber. MSV Racing highly recommends finding a spacer to fill the gap allowing expansion chamber’s bracket and frame bracket to sit so the expansion chamber stays self-aligned to MSV Racing exhaust manifold via step #4

Once a correct width spacer “if needed” is found, install it and tighten the lower expansion chamber bracket to frame bracket bolt and bracket to frame bolts to spec.